Friday, September 11, 2015

SS Future Trunks [Armour] - Change the Future

ZOMG!!! Finally an update to SS Trunks!!!
The basic sprites are only like 30% done but I decided to work on an attack so there is still some progress on him and SHOWABLE progress, because who wants to see basic sprites? So bland and blargh!

Click it to open it in and see it in proper size

Based off the attack he used to DESTROY Future 18

I even allowed for deflecting ki blasts! It's a bit different than Double Galick Cannon.
You fly forward (can also travel on z-axis) until you reach thee enemy, and while you're flying you can press Attack to swipe around to deflect ki blasts
You can press Defend to stop (will go into rowing)


  1. Might be cool if he'd have a aura around him shortly before firing the blast

  2. Don't give up! Trunks is the best!

  3. Replies
    1. faudrait crée le ssjblue et gogeta ca ve etre tres cool tout le monde téléchargera

    2. SSB is not part of the original DBZ and neither is Gogeta.


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