Thursday, July 20, 2017

Update on stuff

Henlo everyones. Sorry for not issuing a message sooner but I will basically flesh out the situation in this post.

I first made this mod because there weren't any DBZ games on PC (at least good ones that is
👀 ). LF2 vDBZ 2.5 and 3.0 existed but they weren't that great imo. Lots of inconsistent sprites and powers so I decided to make my own version that was true to the anime in movesets and power and stuff. This was a project for myself first and foremost that I decided to share with others. A lot of people enjoyed my version of the game where there were level systems and imbalanced gameplay and it has grown a following. All is well.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse released end of February 2015 and there was a good DBZ game on PC! I still released v0.2.3  end of May 2015 even though my original reason for the mod has been solved, an actual DBZ game on PC. No more need for my mod amirite? However I continued to work on the project and 16 months later I released v0.2.8 (Sept 28, 2016 (my birthday and a month after starting my job)). I continued the mod even though DBZ games coming to PC now bruh. ZOMG! Then a month later Xenoverse 2 came out on PC. Now there are 2 recent DBZ games on PC. And we have news of a new DBZ game coming out in 2018 called Dragon Ball FigtherZ which looks awesome btw!

So I haven't worked on the mod since the last release on Sept 28, 2016. I'm working full time Monday-Friday, 9-5 and then in my free time I mostly just play MapleStory which I started playing again in like the end of 2016 or start of 2017. And so here we are today with the question: What happens to this mod, does it die or continue?

Are there enough people that are even interested in still playing for me to bother taking my time to continue working on the mod. Although my original reason for making the mod is over and now the reason would be if there's enough want for the mod, I would still follow my original direction for the game (an imbalanced DBZ game that uses canon characters but not necessarily canon attacks). I'm thinking maybe if I create a poll on the forum and it gets a lot of votes (like 100 yes votes to continue or something or like the discord server gets like a lot of members that join like 100-150 or something then I know for sure I should continue. Maybe if enough comments on this post signifying interest I can open up said poll and stuffz. (For now if you're really interested in joining the discord server (even tho its a dead server/community of 16 people you can find the link in the forum if you try hard enough kek).