Wednesday, August 27, 2014


EDIT3: Some bug fixes for v0.1.7
-Fixed Running speeds for SS, SS2 and SS3 Goku & SS,SS2 and Majin Vegeta
-Decreased Goku's Spirit bomb damage by 40% and decreased ki consumption by 10%
-Fixed that SS3 Goku can do Kamehameha instantly by DJA J
-Fixed that Vegito's last combo attack doesn't hit
-Removed Vegeta (Buu)'s potara fusion beta move
-Fixed Super Vegito's bdy in his Big Bang Attack frames

Download dbz lf2 v.0.1.7 bug fixes here

If you haven't downloaded the game yet: DBZ LF2 v0.1.7.1 here

Newly discovered bugs will be fixed in next release unless they are major

 EDIT2: Many people have pointed out the various bugs. If you find any, report them to me and in 1-2 days I will release a bug fix for people that have already downloaded the game and also upload a new version with the fixes.

 EDIT: Don't forget to go to the QUESTION POLL PAGE to vote for which Gohan (Buu) character set I should make!

You guys have kept asking when the next version will be out... well it's finally here!

-5 New Characters
                -Vegeta (Namek)                                -Level 2
                -Goku (Buu)                                       -Level 4
                -SS Goku (Buu)                                 -Level 5
                -SS2 Goku (Buu)                               -Level 6
    -SS3 Goku (Buu)                               -Level 7
-New Defense Levels (Updated all defense modifiers by 1.5x)
                -Level 1 = 1.0x attack and 1.5x defense
                -Level 2 = 1.1x attack and 1.65x defense
                -Level 3 = 1.3x attack and 1.95x defense
                -Level 4 = 1.6x attack and 2.4x defense
                -Level 5 = 2.0x attack and 3.0x defense
                -Level 6 = 2.5x attack and 3.75x defense
                -Level 7 = 3.1x attack and 4.65x defense
                -Level 8 = 3.8x attack and 5.7x defense
                -Level 9 = 5.0x attack and 7.5x defense
-Modified EXE art

(minor changes)
-Changed Hunter’s arrow to a level 1 ki blast
-Changed Ice (frozen) effect to blind effect (still in beta as you become temporarily invincible)
-Instant Transmission now teleports you to opposite side of where it usually puts you. (So if you and your opponent are facing each other, instead of continuing to face them, you will teleport behind them)
-Created a shitty recolour of the Cliff background to try and make my own wastelands hah
-Decreased the size of Super Vegito’s Kamehameha ball by 25%
-Added sound effect when you deflect a ki blast
-SS Vegeta (Android), Super Vegeta(Android) and SS2 Vegeta (Buu) use Big Bang Attack a bit faster with new voice clip!
-minor speed increase on Majin Vegeta’s Final Impact and it no longer disappears after a second (unless of course it’s destroyed)
-Fixed all of Vegeta’s bpoints (blood)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Goku's Explosive Waves

If you have noticed, Base-SS3 have Kamehameha, SS-SS3 have Super Kamehameha and now SS2-SS3 have explosive wave. ZOMG!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Goku's Super Kamehameha's

Kamehameha can be performed by all 4 versions. Super Kamehameha can only be performed by Super versions.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

SS Goku's Flash Kicks

A video showcasing his beautiful new kicks thanks to Marko from LFE's post here

Thursday, August 21, 2014

SS3 Goku - Kiai Blast Combo

This is a short to mid ranged attack. In the gif you essentially see the limits to its range; the 3 first blasts were almost done at it's max range while the last blast can travel a bit of distance further than the others. They are a bit weaker than his standard punches and super punch (about 20% weaker).
Based off this move

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Goku's Kamehameha's

You can view it bigger by right clicking and full screening that shiiii~ (video quality is blargh doe)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Vegeta (Namek) - Moveset

There are more combos than shown, Some of them are pretty obvious to use, just omit some of the combinations used in the super awesome ultimate combo!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods

Just watched the movie in the theaters!!
So good and really funny!

Just thought I'd share! :D
(But don't expect SS God Goku still - no plans as of yet to make him)

Vegeta (Namek) - Genocide Breaker

Based on this MOVE

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Goku (Buu) - Moveset

Basic sprites are done and most moves are finished as well for base form.

Sorry, this time you can't click them and see a gif of the move from the anime, too lazy :P

- Kamehameha
- Destructo Disk
- Solar Flare
- Instant Transmission (Ally & Enemy)

And 2 moves that will be implemented in the future due to their difficulty to make and laziness
- Spirit Bomb
- Potara Fusion



Goku (Buu)
- Super Energy Wave Volley  
- Kamehameha
- Instant Transmission (Ally &Enemy)

- Destructo Disk
- Solar Flare
- Spirit Bomb
- Potara Fusion

SS Goku (Buu)
- Super Energy Wave Volley  
- Kamehameha
- Super Kamehameha
- Instant Transmission (Ally & Enemy)
- Instant Kamehameha 

SS2 Goku (Buu)
- Super Energy Wave Volley  
- Kamehameha
- Super Kamehameha
- Instant Transmission (Ally & Enemy)
- Instant Kamehameha 
- Explosive Wave
- Meteor Crash 
- Meteor Blast

SS3 Goku (Buu)
- Super Energy Wave Volley 
- Kamehameha
- Super Kamehameha
- True Kamehameha
- Instant Transmission (Ally & Enemy)
- Instant Kamehameha 
- Explosive Wave
- Meteor Impact