Sunday, November 29, 2015

Update - Temporarily Frozen

So I haven't made an update in a while and I guess I should keep you guys in the loop if you still care :P

I haven't worked on the mod in over a month. I have frozen the project temporarily until I find a job. Once I find a job I'll spend some of my free time on this mod, however, progress will be just as slow if not slower so it'll still suck.

That's about it I guess. Sorry for those who have been waiting for the next version. You'll probably have to wait another couple of months.

Monday, September 28, 2015

SPECIAL POST! / Ultimate Gohan - Air Throw

Today is also my birthday!
And here's a new move for Ultimate Gohan
A new throw attack! Toss the enemies into the air - allows for SOME combos.
HOWEVER! Be careful of the falling body because it can hurt you if it touches you!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Jaw Surgery

This post is a personal post but affects the mod so I might as well post it.
On Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015 I underwent double jaw surgery to fix a severe underbite and was in the hospital for 2 days.

To keep this short, I will be busy, lazy, tired, in pain and swollen for the next few weeks and progress on the mod will be heavily delayed.
My online presence will also be fairly lacking.

I also have 1 class left till I graduate which is on Mondays and it's a hard course that I'm no good at, so a lot of my time and energies will be focused on that as well.

Sorry for the inconvenience and delays of the next version of the mod, but it cannot be helped for now.

I hope you guys stick around as the next update will be a big one! (when it does come out)

Friday, September 11, 2015

SS Future Trunks [Armour] - Change the Future

ZOMG!!! Finally an update to SS Trunks!!!
The basic sprites are only like 30% done but I decided to work on an attack so there is still some progress on him and SHOWABLE progress, because who wants to see basic sprites? So bland and blargh!

Click it to open it in and see it in proper size

Based off the attack he used to DESTROY Future 18

I even allowed for deflecting ki blasts! It's a bit different than Double Galick Cannon.
You fly forward (can also travel on z-axis) until you reach thee enemy, and while you're flying you can press Attack to swipe around to deflect ki blasts
You can press Defend to stop (will go into rowing)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ultimate Gohan - Burst Rush

The anime kind of ends the attack there, so if you go to the Manga, you can see he continues by kicking him up into the air and backhands him.
In the anime later on in the fight though when they are inside a mountain? (or whatever) Gohan tosses Buu into the air rather than kicking him then flies up to backhand him.

Click one of the manga pages to fullscreen it and scroll through for better look

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'

I just watched Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' today in the movie theaters!

Hooray for English release being  only about 4 months from Japanese version compared to Battle of Gods which was over a year! :O

It was awesome! Funnier and more action packed than Battle of Gods!
Got to see some of the humans battle again which was nice.
Don't want to talk too much about it in case of spoilers. All that you need to know is that I really enjoyed it :P

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Time Chamber

Been slacking on Trunks, otherwise I would have made him fighting with Vegeta [3] in this bg D:    (and need to show that progress still exists !)

(so I used the next best char (even though he's Buu saga version) GOHAN! who became a BOSS after training in the Time Chamber)

Even though no credit is needed - Original BG is from HERE by ShadeDBZ
Music: Time Chamber by Bruce Faulconer

Friday, July 10, 2015

DBZ LF2 v0.2.3 Tournament!

I am currently holding a tournament on my forum!

If you wish to participate and test your abilities against  other fighters, then join!
Deadline to join is Friday July 17 at approximately 4 PM EDT
To join, register in the forums and post in the thread stating that you wish to participate.

Registration has ended, 15 participants have entered!

Do you have what it takes to be the World Champion? At least the world Champion of v0.2.3 that is

Good luck! And may the Strongest Under the Heavens win the Tournament!


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Krillin Updates

Destructo Disc - new voice clip
Old: 71 TU
New: 64 TU
Disc now uses itr8 with special Krillin throwing body. If the body doesn't exist, aka when Krillin gets hit before throwing the disc, the disc will fade away.

Exploding Discs
Disc now uses itr8 with special Krillin throwing body. If the body doesn't exist, aka when Krillin gets hit before throwing the disc, the disc will explode into 5 discs that shoot out on either side rather than 10 all forwards. And because the disc wasn't thrown, it doesn't move downards therefore the discs are above the enemies so they don't hit unless they jump.

Expanding Energy Blast - new voice clip
Old: 42 TU - 450 Ki
New: 39 TU - 400 Ki

Kamehameha - new voice clip
Old: 49 TU - 50 Ki, 14 continuous Ki
New: 32 TU - 75 Ki, 15 continuous Ki

Old: 150 HP, 500 Ki - Clones 273 HP each = Total HP: 896 HP
New: 250 HP, 400 Ki - Clones 100 HP each = Total HP: 450 HP
Updated Tri-Form AI: Clones don't use Tri-Form, only the original Krillin. No longer uses Tri-Form while blinking/invulnerable.

Charge Ki - new voice clip

Friday, July 3, 2015

SS/Super Vegeta (Android) - Final Flash & Super Final Flash

Okay, so I have reworked Vegeta's Final Flash attack. There have been a number of requests to make it a beam and I think that's a fair request and good idea, that way you can do beam clashes with Goku and Vegeta :P

I have sped up Vegeta's Final Flash by 13 TU (time units or frames)

Rather than just making it a beam, I decided to keep it the way it is and create a "super" version of it like the Super Kamehameha where it takes some time to charge and shoot a more powerful beam. In this case, He charges it and this time the Final Flash becomes a beam!
And with that

SS Vegeta has 2 Big Bang Attacks and 2 Final Flashes
Super Vegeta has 1 Big Bang Attack and 3 Final Flashes 
LOLZINGER! Anyhoo, Hope you like this update to Vegeta!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Future Trunks (Armour) - Buster Cannon


And with this.. Base form is finally finished! Took long enough >.>

Yay! Time to work on Super San! I can work on the great Heat Dome Attack!

EDIT: New POLL about Voice Clips are on FORUMS

Monday, June 29, 2015

OVER 1,000 DOWNLOADS (v0.2.3)

Took about a month, but it hit 1,000 downloads!
BUT! That beats v0.1.7's race to 1,000 downloads which took just under 2 months!
Looks like the game is growing in popularity again!?

Status on Trunks:
I haven't worked on him in like 3-4 days
Will work on him again real soon
Just been lazy and shiiii~

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Future Trunks (Armour) - Kiai Blast

Okay so I made 3 versions of this. YOU, yes YOU must vote which is your favourite over HERE!
And it will be the one used in the game!

1. Anime version has no hair movement (also he got a haircut at the time)
2. Same hair as - > Ki Blasts
3. Same hair as - > Super San

Source Material:

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Future Trunks (Armour) - Super Saiyan

Remember how I said it was so AWESOME?!? Well here it is.

Now you tell me, was I lying? or waaah? I mean that hair flow is even more on point than ever before!

Base Form is nearly complete, I would say about 85% done. Just need to do counter attack, basic combo and buster cannon.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Future Trunks (Armour) - Ki Blasts

Base form basic sprites finished a couple of days ago. Working on his few special moves then will move on to SS Trunks!
I already completed the animation for Base -- > Super San and let me tell you right now.. it's SO AWESOME!
Anyways, have some ki blasts!

Hair flow on point? or nah?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Goku (Buu) - New Super Saiyan 3 Transformation Animation

So I made a new animation for Super San 2 Goku --> Super San 3 Goku.

Before I took it from when Base Form Goku saves Base Form Vegeta from Kid Buu, then he powers up to SS, then SS2, then SS3 all in split seconds. No hair growth like first and second time he transforms. It was simple, easy and boring. So I have changed it.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Vegeta (Android) - Big Bang Attack

I almost forgot about this move!Slower and weaker version of SS2 Vegeta (Buu)'s Big Bang Attack.
Good thing I constantly watch random episodes of DBZ so I can keep picking up things and adding it to the game :P

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Future Trunks (Armour) - Running/Jumping

Had full time renovation work during the last 5 days so I haven't been working much on the mod.
Too busy and too tired. Here are some hair animations during running and jumping! SO BEAUTIFUL! Too bad base form is weak and useless so you won't be able to experience it too often during game :P



Have part time job, looking for full-time work. Probably going to progress much slower on mod progress than normal. You'll just have to stick with DBZ LF2 v0.2.3 for a while which is also now at over 620 downloads!! yeye

Friday, June 5, 2015


So It's been 8 days since the release of v0.2.3 and as of now it's been downloaded about 390 times!
I hope everyones been enjoying it so far :)

Progress on Future Trunks (Armor) has begun.
These are probably the final design of Base, Super Saiyan and Ultra Trunks forms.

Base: Sprites: 11%
SS: Sprites: 1%
Ultra: Sprites 1%

A detailed list of updates will be posted HERE


Thursday, May 28, 2015


 9 months later and finally a new release!


-4 New Characters
    -Gohan (Buu)            -Level 4
    -SS Gohan (Buu)       -Level 5
    -SS2 Gohan (Buu)     -Level 6
    -Ultimate Gohan        -Level 7
-New Face pics: now using anime pictures and shows level, attack and defense indicator
-Re-added ads to EXE but they are all related to the DBZ LF2 links and less visually obtrusive
-Modified EXE art

(minor changes)
-Common melee attacks now use state 7 in the itr frames. So basically while you are attacking you are also defending to create a small type of “clash”
-Jump recovery (flips) now DRAIN ki
-AI improvements to all characters, mostly on CRAZY! Mode only though
- Goku and Vegeta can now fuse into Vegito using potara earrings, 50% chance Goku takes control and 50% Vegeta takes control, +500 health

Major changes to Vegeta(Namek)
-Broke down Dirty Fireworks into D^A A (allows for new combos)
-Broke down Genocide Breaker into D^J A (in case kick is blocked no need to fly attacking nothing)
-Final Crash has been sped up significantly
-Final Burst Canon has been sped up a bit


EDIT: accidently included is Trunks_Arrival BG, meant to remove it before releasing it, but it's in there so..
CREDITS TO Kim_Bo for the background!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Gohan (Buu) - Ultimate Gohan

My version

Anime version

Head over HERE to VOTE for which you prefer.
hmm, I'm liking the anime version more, but I will put in the one with majority vote.

The 1st burst of 'wind' is generally what comes during SSS Transformation.
The 2nd burst of 'wind' is generally what comes during a SS2 Transformation + the electricity.
The 3rd burst of 'wind' is generally what comes during a SS3 Transformation.

Friday, May 22, 2015

SS Gohan (Buu) - Explosive Combination

Melee + Energy based attack

Executed using D^J A (D^J is just the gut punch only, to use the rest you press Attack)
- Can be used at start, beginning of attack has a state 7 defend state.
- Can be used after a AAA (Dance of Pain), just gotta link the punch quick enough to launch
- Can be used when catching the opponent

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Gohan (Buu) - Explosive Wave

Explosive Wave he used against the several Majin Soldiers surrounding him and Supreme Kai
Also I have been learning BOOTSTRAP by Twitter this past week and developed a website yesterday for the game as well lol.... SO MANY DIFFERENT links related to this mod!! (blog, youtube, forum, facebook and now a website! WHAT DA HELL!?!). 

The website is best for viewing characters stats and movelists all in a more comfortable layout.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

OVER 5000 DOWNLOADS (v0.1.7.1)

NEW MILESTONE! SO DBZ LF2 v. has hit over 5000 downloads!

Progress on Gohan continues:
Base: ~70% done
SS: ~50% done
SS2: ~1% done
Ultimate: ~85% done

New release may come out in about 3 more weeks.
But don't quote me on that.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Update Again

Progress is slow, but happening.
Been working on Base Gohan (Buu) sprites even though I haven't finish Ultimate Gohan yet.
I'm still not done all the basic sprites for Base Gohan (Buu). Been lazy and working on other things instead...
I have been updating the AI and making some minor improvements. (More improvements to certain characters than others).

As you wait for more progress/updates here are some LOONG overdue Goku moveset videos.

Goku (Buu) - Moveset
SS Goku (Buu) - Moveset
SS2 Goku (Buu) - Moveset

Expect SS3 moveset in the next few days.

EDIT (May 10, 2015):

SS3 Goku (Buu) - Moveset

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Exams and projects are done.
I can finally start working on this again.
The poll on the previous post shows that people would rather have a few more characters completed in the next version rather than 1 immediately, (Rather than just Ultimate Gohan, have Ultimate Gohan + Base/SS/SS2 Gohan for the lazy that don't want to click the link lol)

apparently some people would prefer using fb group than forum so I guess I will post sometimes in here

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hello! Is it me you're looking for?

ZOMG! 5 months no post.
Still no new updates lewlzinger
My last assignment/paper/exam is in 11 days, April 22nd.
So expect some updates and new posts in May.

You can determine which characters are in the next release and how quickly it will come out.
Thread/Poll HERE