Wednesday, January 1, 2020


What is this? new release? 🤔

Both the new character and new background are half complete. SO YE
Real life has taken its toll and my time and it's been difficult to find the time and energy to work on the mod. HOWEVER there is actual progress that has been made on both the character and the bg.

Will release it even though its like half done just so theres at least some new content in a little over 3 years since the last release 😅 don't @ me dawg 😭



-1 New Characters
-SS Trunks (Armour) - WORK IN PROGRESS
-Added NEW BG: World Martial Arts Stage - WORK IN PROGRESS


Sunday, September 29, 2019

New version coming soon!

Hello guise. If you only check the blog then the last communication you heard from me was over 9 months ago (unless you commented or read the comments).

On the discord I mentioned a new release was coming September 28 (yesterday) though would be quite incomplete - SS Trunks would have only 2 special moves and be missing like 5 other special moves and the new BG would have half complete or not present at all. Some of the peoples in the discord said to just push the release back and release it with SS Trunks completed and so I have decided to do that. Yesterday I went through and made lots of updates. I will continue to update it more in shaa Allah but probably at a slower pace than the faster paced time sensitive rush I was in
👀. Expect a new release in the next 1-2 months hopefully in shaa Allah.

The plan:
- 1 new character: SS Trunks (Armor)
- 1 new BG: Secret 🤫

Might release updates of interesting progress till the release like I did in the past. Gifs of action from the game, etc. SO YE!

PS: Please join the discord server and give me lots of compliments and tell me how much you want an update so I can feel good and motivated 👀

Monday, January 14, 2019


Hello guise. Long time no see on the blog.

I just wanted to let you all know that there is a new website that was just released a few days ago.
I built the website in React.js
It allows for a much faster and streamlined way to update the website if I want to add new characters or update the design of the website.
It's also much nicer in design I think and looks much better.

Anyways here it is:

Friday, September 1, 2017

Resurrection 'DBZ LF2'

Henlo guise. So it seems there are still quite a few of you out there that still exist and play the game and want moar updaets. The community has increased and a bunch of random peoplez I've never seen in the Little Fighter 2 community have joined the discord server to make their voices heard. "I WANT A NEW VERSION OF THE GAEM!!!!11"

FEAR NOT CITIZENS! Hope has arrived. Because I am here.

You can continue to join the discord server and voice your suggestions in the #suggestions channel. But adhere to the rules in the pinned messages of the #suggestions channel or you will be banned from writing in there again. 

I may join the voice channel while I am working and you can join too and talk to me and ask what I'm doing and what I'm working on and shiii~ so ye

Progress will be super slow as I have to set up everything back and I don't even have Photoshop which I used to edit the special effects. (Character sprites are done in MS Paint but the energy attacks and special effects are done in Photoshop and stuffz so ye. Don't expect fast updates so ye. I still have a full time job and other priorities in my life). I shall work on it every once in a while here and there.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Discord community + vote game alive

I'm back from my trip in Europe. Was gone July 29-August 11.
Lots of people commenting since then and stuffz saying they would like the game to continue. Also my addiction to MapleStory seems to have faded a bit as well after the 2 week absence. So I shall open up a little poll up if you will on Discord. So come join the discord server and help keep ze community live and go to the #project-revive-dbz-lf2-mod channel and vote. If it gets a lot of thumbs up, (originally was thinking 100 but that might be wayyy too high so let's drop it to say around ~50ish) I shall revive the mod and continue working on it 😊

EDIT: Lots of suspicious accounts joining the server. Multi-account voting not allowed. If I get a suspicion of this kind of activity I shall ban/kick user + remove the reaction.