Monday, December 26, 2016

Installed old HDD

So I finally removed my old HDD and installed it into my new computer.
It's been less than 5 minutes and I already regret it cause it's so LOUD!

The mod has has been on hiatus the last 3 months as I haven't touched it since September 28 when v0.2.8 came out. Maybe I'll start working on it again now that I have the old files available.

But like this new computer is letting me play games I couldn't play before and now all my free time after work is going to gaming :P

I'll keep you guys posted.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Power Scaling Poll

So it's almost been a month and there's only 3 votes on this poll and 1 of them is mine...

Pls go vote


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

OVER 1000 DOWNLOADS (v0.2.8)

NEW RECORD! Took 3 weeks to reach the first 1,000 downloads
(previously v0.2.3 took a month)

No progress since release. Been busy with work and my new computer playing the new games I couldn't play on my old piece of junk. Still need to get the DBZ LF2 files and all my other old files off my old computer's hard drive as well before I can even start doing anything. SO YE!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


13 months later and finally a new release!

Changelog v0.2.8

-1 New Character
    -Trunks (Armour)
-Added NEW BG: Time Chamber / ROSAT
-Removed BG: Trunks Arrival
-Krillin Major Overhaul, Details:            
-Modified EXE art

Minor changes
-Sprite Changes
    - Electric sparks are a new colour
    - The bottom of Goku’s shoes are now red like how they should be
-New Moves
    - Vegeta (Android): Big Bang Attack
    - SS Vegeta (Android): Final Flash
    - Super Vegeta (Android): Final Flash
    - SS3 Goku (Buu): Dragonthrow
    - Ultimate Gohan: Dragonthrow
    - Ultimate Gohan: Burst Rush
    - Ultimate Gohan: Ultimate Kamehameha
    - TEAM ATTACK: Final Kamehameha (SS Goku and SS Vegeta)
-More Speed Enchancements
    - SS Vegeta (Android)’s Final Flash: 13 TU
    - Super Vegeta (Android)’s Final Flash: 13 TU
    - SS Vegeta (Buu)’s Final Burst Cannon: 6 TU