1. i found bug (1 bug all the enemy exept hunter use kami blast up and down they dont use it front on us 2) bug after reaching stage 100 in survial stage keeps on moving and no enemy is coming and hunter and bandit r not blind they r freeze if we use that power add more villans to fight on stage mode like julian frizen knight justin
    and plzzzzzzzzzz add gogeta i am ur biggest fan what cool game plzzzzzzzzzzzz add gogeta his all moves

  2. and add fusion of gotenks goku and vegeta

  3. Can't Vegeta come back from Majin Vegeta form?

  4. Replies
    1. Goku and Vegeta base form buu saga DvA

  5. Why there's no character like cell/buu/teen gohan/majin buu/super buu (gohan/han,gogeta)/gogeta/ss 4,5 goku,vegeta,gotenks,black,zamasu,zeno sama *it would be great but hard,for easy his stats every thing is like Red which is the most powerful colour you can use*teen goku,teen vegeta,vegeta jr,goku jr,etc etc etc...
    can you try finish any character of these?
    can you even make an ssj for trunks???
    or can you make future trunks?
    or make ssgss(ss god blue) or ssg?
    plsplspslpslpslspls PLSSSSS

    1. Because the mod isn't even close to being finished yet?
      No DBS or DBGT chars because this is a DBZ mod.
      Can't do DBS cause power scaling makes no sense, how can SS2 > SSB.
      Future Trunks is already made, came out in v0.2.8

    2. It probably takes a lot of time and effort for each character right? That being said, what do you think an ETA would be on Trunks being able to transform?

    3. No idea, I haven't worked on the mod since Sept 28 still. Been busy with other things. These comments help me feel the need to come back and continue sooner though.

  6. Dude it is 2017 and I still come back here because your content is so good! You're the G.O.A.T, don't stop!

  7. All I know is, if you do Trunks the justice you did with Android Saga Vegeta, I will herald you as the greatest lf2 spriter/editer on all the forums! lol He's my all time fav.


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