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The goal was/is to make a HUGE DBZ game with a HUGE character roster kinda of like Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

There are currently plans for about "80 characters." Why is that in quotation marks you ask? Because Vegeta, SS Vegeta, SS2 Vegeta and Majin Vegeta count as 4 different characters. So instead of counting Vegeta as 1 character I will count the total number of characters as 9 Vegeta characters.

So as of now, I have about 9/80 characters done and that took about 2-3 years. So by that logic, expect the game to be completed in 20 years by 2034! Hope you stick around for that long! :D

Each character will have unique stats in terms of their attack, defense and speed. Some characters will also have enhanced regeneration abilities like Piccolo, Cell and Majin Buu.

Originally I planned a level system where characters in the same level will have the same attack and same defense, but I'm thinking of changing that and making it even more varied! We will see how things go!


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    1. Well if you haven't been around recently.. There has been much progress in the last 1.5 years!

  2. How download this game please ! ?
    Nice work its awesome ;)

    1. There is no game. There are just a few character mods.

  3. is there a possibility we can support you?

    1. Hmm thank you for asking. Best thing you can do is visit blog every once in a while to see updates but have adblock disabled!

      While I am making my characters moves. I always go back to the anime and take several screenshots of the attacks. So I can look at them for reference when drawing. You can find some potential moves and take several screen shots and create like an album on imgur or upload it somewhere and maybe send it to me.

      OR tell me where the move is in the anime, like what episode and what time stamp and I can find it myself and possibly add it. Current plans are Buu Saga Goku. Base form, SS, SS2 and SS3. Then after that would be Buu Saga Gohan in all his forms as well.

      Continue to comment on my posts with your encouraging comments as well! :D

      and Thank you again! :D

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    1. Next episode of what? This isn't an anime lol


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