Friday, August 30, 2013

Vegeta (Buu) Beta v0.1

So I decided to maybe continue the character. Also, I never released him so I decided to put some touches and release a beta.

so CLICK HERE to download him. Comes with Normal and Super Saiyan form only. The Super Saiyan form is hardly done at all. Normal is getting there.

No pictures or anything, I'm sure you guys already know how he looks and plays, etc.


  1. Good to see you working on this. Remember: feel free to use my Goku as a base if you wish ;-) no credits needed.


  2. Plss i need your help.. Im not able to install this vegeta :/
    I copy pasted your folder in the fl2 file and then
    I coudlnt understand that copying the lines part pls explain
    I can recomend this to my friends

    1. Have you ever installed a custom lf2 character before?
      Because if so, it is very easy to follow along the instructions provided.

      Take the vegeta folder that contains the normal and SS folder inside of it and move it beside the lf2.exe file.

      Open the read me and copy the data lines and place them in the data.txt file that is located in the data folder of your lf2 game. Paste the lines with the other character lines.

    2. Uhh I did exact the same infact it worked but when I select a character it just crashes....

  3. Ohh sorry i did it already.. :D
    And its really awesome man..Jus so epic My frnds too love it..
    Please Make vegeta fully loaded .. Or Can u give me any extra move that u have found?
    Pls make new moves or complete vegeta all my classmates are waiting for it :D
    Is vegito good too? Moves n attack wise?
    And last thing man .. from behalf of my classmates pls continue your work we wil support yu

    1. I am continuing to work on Vegeta.. He is in beta that is why I wrote beta. I have yet to finish his SS and SS2 and even Majin forms from the Buu Saga. I will then work on Android, Namek and Saiyan saga possibly.

      Vegito Character I made is my best character yet. Very OP. Very IMBA. And probably my most popular character. You can check his normal moves on the CHARACTER MOVES page. Or even in the sidebar POPULAR POSTS. Vegito Character Complete Download has some GIFS of his attacks as well.

      There is a more complete gif collection of his skills on the LFE Vegito Thread I created on the LFE forums.

      Also, thanks for your support. Continue to view the blogs progress and updates and don't forget to "rate" at the bottom and comment as well ;)

      Tell your friends to INTERACT on my blog as well ! :D

      Keeps me more motivated than just reading you say that.



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