Thursday, September 26, 2013

SS Vegeta (Buu) - Final Burst Cannon

based off this attack at 1:14


  1. Marko_from_lfe:
    Thats nice, i would change the size of burst cannon since is final and. i'd add more charging stuff,you know dbz looong charging :P and movement to hair during charging. :)

    1. It's just the name of the attack on the dragon ball wiki. I based this attack and how quickly it's charged off the video I linked after the gif. He uses it quite quickly but doesn't use it as an attack but rather a counter attack. I have changed into an attack like when he uses it on Freiza and Goku.

    2. Well if it so, just make some hair movement while charging and make it faster.

      Happy birthday btw

    3. Mean, something like in vegitto transformation.
      It's too static.


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