Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hello! Is it me you're looking for?

ZOMG! 5 months no post.
Still no new updates lewlzinger
My last assignment/paper/exam is in 11 days, April 22nd.
So expect some updates and new posts in May.

You can determine which characters are in the next release and how quickly it will come out.
Thread/Poll HERE


  1. I dont have an account in this site =S btw wellcome back and i hope to see your next projects, i did some gameplays from your mod in my youtube account xD

    1. Thank you.
      Yeah I had to switch from using embedded to polls to like a forum poll because people could open private windows and continuously cast new votes.
      I am aware that less people will vote, but at least it wont be skewed to the few people who were aware of that trick.

    2. Oh, you could create a facebook group(not a page, well if you want to make one too thats fine) and put the votes there. Also, it will be kind easily for people to ask things and check the updates.

  2. Great to see you back working on this. What do you plan to work on next? Would be great to see some DBZ themed BGs :P

    1. Man, I would love to do BG's but spriting them is different than characters. They require more detail and shiiiii~

      I'd rather just find already made ones and ask people if I can use them lol.
      Or try ripping them from games and then editing them a bit to work better in LF2 style and such.

      But yeah the goal is to finish Ultimate Gohan. The voting on the poll shows that people want the next release to have Base/SS/SS2 Gohan as well rather than release next version with just Ultimate Gohan or even Future Trunks.

  3. It is to make the majin buu 's first please .

    1. What?
      I'm assuming you're asking to make the Majin Buu's.
      Currently working on Future Trunks though.


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