Friday, June 19, 2015

Goku (Buu) - New Super Saiyan 3 Transformation Animation

So I made a new animation for Super San 2 Goku --> Super San 3 Goku.

Before I took it from when Base Form Goku saves Base Form Vegeta from Kid Buu, then he powers up to SS, then SS2, then SS3 all in split seconds. No hair growth like first and second time he transforms. It was simple, easy and boring. So I have changed it.


  1. Hey man, check this out:
    The most important thing that will help you here is this:
    "- State 8xxx is reworked. Now it won't add +140 pic shift to object after transform. For original characters from LF2 there is ID exceptions those adds 'em +140 pic shift."
    Tell me if it's working fine. (btw it's not my project, just saw it on the forums and decided to show it here)

    1. Hah! I know about this already ;)

      Also that isn't the thing that would help me the most. I mean the +140 thing doesn't bother me at all and it hasn't been a problem what so ever. The thing neora has that I want is .png files for transparency, the custom health which can replace the hard, boring defense modifying in the EXE hex editing, the extra 400 frames per char and new updates which will include health regen stuff!

      The problem is there is no custom AI and that is why I don't use it. Also if you went through the thread you would see my many posts in it.. I'm already well aware of neora ;)

    2. Oh cool, and yea, the 400 frames per char is really helping, I knew it was one of your problems, cuz when I wanted to add some attacks & transformations on one of your characters, I couldn't, I mean I have like 20 frames left, I can't do anything with that.
      ((And don't worry, when I mod something it's just for me.))

  2. Hey you know it would also be cool if you made when vegeta and trunks are transforming into their super form that it shows how their muscles slowly buff up, like torso than arms and legs, just an idea if you have got time to do it, btw love your work keep it up.

  3. Heh, yeah I was already planning on doing that for Trunks when he goes to his Ultra form.


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