Friday, July 3, 2015

SS/Super Vegeta (Android) - Final Flash & Super Final Flash

Okay, so I have reworked Vegeta's Final Flash attack. There have been a number of requests to make it a beam and I think that's a fair request and good idea, that way you can do beam clashes with Goku and Vegeta :P

I have sped up Vegeta's Final Flash by 13 TU (time units or frames)

Rather than just making it a beam, I decided to keep it the way it is and create a "super" version of it like the Super Kamehameha where it takes some time to charge and shoot a more powerful beam. In this case, He charges it and this time the Final Flash becomes a beam!
And with that

SS Vegeta has 2 Big Bang Attacks and 2 Final Flashes
Super Vegeta has 1 Big Bang Attack and 3 Final Flashes 
LOLZINGER! Anyhoo, Hope you like this update to Vegeta!


  1. well the new version well be uploaded is it after finishing ssj/ultra Trunks?

    1. No. There are other updates I wish to implement into the game.


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