Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Discord community + vote game alive

I'm back from my trip in Europe. Was gone July 29-August 11.
Lots of people commenting since then and stuffz saying they would like the game to continue. Also my addiction to MapleStory seems to have faded a bit as well after the 2 week absence. So I shall open up a little poll up if you will on Discord. So come join the discord server and help keep ze community live and go to the #project-revive-dbz-lf2-mod channel and vote. If it gets a lot of thumbs up, (originally was thinking 100 but that might be wayyy too high so let's drop it to say around ~50ish) I shall revive the mod and continue working on it 😊

EDIT: Lots of suspicious accounts joining the server. Multi-account voting not allowed. If I get a suspicion of this kind of activity I shall ban/kick user + remove the reaction.


  1. Make sure you post this in the LFE forums as well for maximum exposure! :)

  2. Are u planing to add a battle of gods Characters and db super characters after u finish the dbz final chapters?I cant w8 for the updates

  3. uptdate the game plz i like you game


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