Sunday, September 29, 2019

New version coming soon!

Hello guise. If you only check the blog then the last communication you heard from me was over 9 months ago (unless you commented or read the comments).

On the discord I mentioned a new release was coming September 28 (yesterday) though would be quite incomplete - SS Trunks would have only 2 special moves and be missing like 5 other special moves and the new BG would have half complete or not present at all. Some of the peoples in the discord said to just push the release back and release it with SS Trunks completed and so I have decided to do that. Yesterday I went through and made lots of updates. I will continue to update it more in shaa Allah but probably at a slower pace than the faster paced time sensitive rush I was in
👀. Expect a new release in the next 1-2 months hopefully in shaa Allah.

The plan:
- 1 new character: SS Trunks (Armor)
- 1 new BG: Secret 🤫

Might release updates of interesting progress till the release like I did in the past. Gifs of action from the game, etc. SO YE!

PS: Please join the discord server and give me lots of compliments and tell me how much you want an update so I can feel good and motivated 👀


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  2. Que bom mano.

    Mas tá acontecendo um bug de alguns personagens não conseguirem usar armas ou beber.

    1. Estou aprendendo a editar os personagens para corrigir esse erro

  3. really nice man keep up the good work

  4. Im a Big Fan of your work
    I could help you to create new charakters If you want to


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