Friday, July 11, 2014

Vegeta (Buu) - Babadi's Mind Control

Vegeta transforming to Majin Vegeta through Babadi's mind control! When that effect happens. Vegeta says: "WHAT THE?!?" then starts screaming in pain and then transforms! Much better in game than in gif form xD

Once you go Majin you can't transform back to normal. You are stuck. And how my mod currently works for transforming up and down levels, you heal with state 1700. So there's one downside, however, he has a bigger arsenal of moves.

I have already finished basically all of his moves. Nothing that spectacular or that hasn't been seen before. I worked really fast on this character cause I was really excited about him!

D>A - Ki Blasts
D>J - Final Flash
D^A - Final Burst Cannon
DvA - Big Bang Attack
DvJ - Final Impact
Jump counterattack - Dark Impact

AND HIS ULTIMATE!! Took me the longest to finish this move

I also made a combo move, but the sprites are really bad and look bad and I should feel bad. So I will have to rework them.

All these moves are finished. I will show one every few days.

Also, when I am done these 4 Vegeta's, do you guys want me to work on Android or another character? - Go to the POLL page and vote!


  1. Wow great! Is that going to be a character by itself? Or are you somehow getting Babidi in there too?
    I voted for a new character, namely Goku; you would be able to have him and Vegeta fuse to give Vegito (plus the dance XD).
    Keep this up!

    1. Probably not going to make Babadi. You can just transform freely from Vegeta to Majin (but you can't transform back).
      And yeah, making Goku and then getting him to fuse with Vegeta to become Vegito would be pretty awesome! (no dance though because they don't do a dance lol)

      and thanks!

    2. No dance =(.. But they could only fuse without it thanks to the earrings. Plus they did the dance in one of the movies (against Janinba).

    3. Yeah, they will fuse with the earrings to become Vegito. I am not going to make Gogeta or any of the movie characters. I am sticking with the anime and manga. So, sorry :/ no Gogeta

      But you can see Goten and Trunks dance if I decide to make them in those forms (considering they never really fight, other than each other in tournament)

      I guess I can make the movie characters... But I won't do that till I'm fully finished everything else which would be in 100 years! YEYE

  2. Thx man when will trunks be released

    1. No idea, there has been no work done on Trunks yet. I've been only been focused on completing Vegeta at the moment.

  3. How to do final explosion? and why magin vegeta has no explosive wave?


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