Monday, July 7, 2014

DBZ LF2 (alpha?) v0.1


The game is hardly finished. There is hardly anything here, only download if you really want to try it. You may get bored with it quick. If you want a real challenge, try beating Vegito with Vegeta on CRAZY! IMPOSSIBRU!!! (even if you power up to SS2 Vegeta, He'll power up to Super Vegito and wreck you bruh)

-5 characters
    -Vegeta (Buu)            -Level 4
    -SS Vegeta (Buu)      -Level 5
    -SS2 Vegeta (Buu)    -Level 6
    -Vegito                      -Level 8
    -Super Vegito            -Level 9
-Implemented Level System
    -Level 4 = 1.6x attack and defense modifier
    -Level 5 = 2.0x attack and defense modifier
    -Level 6 = 2.5x attack and defense modifier
    -Level 8 = 3.8x attack and defense modifier
    -Level 9 = 5.0x attack and defense modififer
-Each character has AI at all 4 different difficulty settings


There is also 1 new move for Vegeta and 2 new moves for SS2 Vegeta which I haven't posted gifs for yet.
     -Explosive Wave
SS2 Vegeta
     -Big Bang Attack (small beam, small explosion)
     -Infinite Break (rush attack - like base form Vegeta's Double Galick Cannon)

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