Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vegeta (Namek) - Potential Moveset

I have reviewed the Dragon Ball Wiki and the Anime for potential moves and these are the ones I came up with.

Dirty Fireworks
Bang Beam
Final Galick Cannon
Final Crash
Big Bang Cannon
Genocide Breaker
Final Burst Cannon

Also! If you have an attack you wish to see from that saga. Name the episode and the time stamp and I'll find it in my DBZ collection and try implementing it.

Friday, July 25, 2014

DBZ LF2 v0.1.3


I know in the voting new character beat Vegeta (Android) but maybe it's a good thing I made him cause look how quickly I finished him! :D Will probably continue to do Vegeta's (Namek/Frieza) and then (Saiyan) saga versions before going on to next character which everyone apparently wants Goku even though there are 100s of them already in the LF2 world lol

  • Level style system. Levels boost speed, damage and defense.
    • Level 3 = 1.3x attack and defense modifier
    • Level 4 = 1.6x attack and defense modifier
    • Level 5 = 2.0x attack and defense modifier
    • Level 6 = 2.5x attack and defense modifier
    • Level 8 = 3.8x attack and defense modifier
    • Level 9 = 5.0x attack and defense modifier
  • 9 characters
    • Vegeta (Android)-----------Level 3
    • SS Vegeta (Android)-------Level 4
    • Super Vegeta (Android)---Level 4 (but 1.8x attack)
    • Vegeta (Buu)----------------Level 4
    • SS Vegeta (Buu)-----------Level 5
    • SS2 Vegeta (Buu)----------Level 6
    • Majin Vegeta---------------Level 6
    • Vegito-----------------------Level 8
    • Super Vegito---------------Level 9
  • Each character has mediocre AI at all 4 difficulty settings


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Majin Vegeta - Final Burst Cannon

Attack used a couple of times against SS2 Goku
Attack blows up by another 3006 or 3005 ball into a giant explosion.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Majin Vegeta - Final Impact

Attack used against Majin Buu that pierces a hole right through his body.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Majin Vegeta - Big Bang Attack

From when he blasts the crowd in the World Martial Arts Tournament. The original is based off the ANIME. I thought it looked too much like the FINAL IMPACT attack that I made that you will see in a later post(even though the stances are actually quite different). So I decided to make the updated version which is based off the MANGA and the BUDOKAI TENKAICHI VIDEO GAMES.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Vegeta (Buu) - Babadi's Mind Control

Vegeta transforming to Majin Vegeta through Babadi's mind control! When that effect happens. Vegeta says: "WHAT THE?!?" then starts screaming in pain and then transforms! Much better in game than in gif form xD

Once you go Majin you can't transform back to normal. You are stuck. And how my mod currently works for transforming up and down levels, you heal with state 1700. So there's one downside, however, he has a bigger arsenal of moves.

I have already finished basically all of his moves. Nothing that spectacular or that hasn't been seen before. I worked really fast on this character cause I was really excited about him!

D>A - Ki Blasts
D>J - Final Flash
D^A - Final Burst Cannon
DvA - Big Bang Attack
DvJ - Final Impact
Jump counterattack - Dark Impact

AND HIS ULTIMATE!! Took me the longest to finish this move

I also made a combo move, but the sprites are really bad and look bad and I should feel bad. So I will have to rework them.

All these moves are finished. I will show one every few days.

Also, when I am done these 4 Vegeta's, do you guys want me to work on Android or another character? - Go to the POLL page and vote!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Vegito dodges 3 attacks at once coming from 3 different directions and BEASTS one of the Vegeta's.

Dodges Majin Vegeta's ki blasts, SS Vegeta's ki blasts and SS2 Vegeta's Big Bang Attack and then rapes SS Vegeta with a point blank Super Kamehameha!

I embedded an HTML5 video thing or w/e off gfycat! So don't worry! It didn't beast out your bandwidth.

Monday, July 7, 2014

DBZ LF2 (alpha?) v0.1


The game is hardly finished. There is hardly anything here, only download if you really want to try it. You may get bored with it quick. If you want a real challenge, try beating Vegito with Vegeta on CRAZY! IMPOSSIBRU!!! (even if you power up to SS2 Vegeta, He'll power up to Super Vegito and wreck you bruh)

-5 characters
    -Vegeta (Buu)            -Level 4
    -SS Vegeta (Buu)      -Level 5
    -SS2 Vegeta (Buu)    -Level 6
    -Vegito                      -Level 8
    -Super Vegito            -Level 9
-Implemented Level System
    -Level 4 = 1.6x attack and defense modifier
    -Level 5 = 2.0x attack and defense modifier
    -Level 6 = 2.5x attack and defense modifier
    -Level 8 = 3.8x attack and defense modifier
    -Level 9 = 5.0x attack and defense modififer
-Each character has AI at all 4 different difficulty settings


There is also 1 new move for Vegeta and 2 new moves for SS2 Vegeta which I haven't posted gifs for yet.
     -Explosive Wave
SS2 Vegeta
     -Big Bang Attack (small beam, small explosion)
     -Infinite Break (rush attack - like base form Vegeta's Double Galick Cannon)