Friday, June 27, 2014


Thanks to the beautiful A-Man! I have defense multipliers working and I can work on the project again!

Expect a beta version release in 1-2 months.
This beta will have 5 characters.
  • Vegeta (Buu)
  • SS Vegeta (Buu)
  • SS2 Vegeta (Buu)
  • Vegito
  • Super Vegito
 It will have the defense multipliers so basically that means it will be highly improbable for Vegeta to beat Vegito. LIKE IMPOSSIBLE. Why? Because There is a level system.

  1. 1.0 defense + strength
  2. 1.1 defense + strength
  3. 1.3 defense + strength
  4. 1.6 defense + strength (Vegeta (Buu))
  5. 2.0 defense + strength (SS Vegeta (Buu))
  6. 2.5 defense + strength (SS2 Vegeta (Buu))
  7. 3.1 defense + strength
  8. 3.8 defense + strength (Vegito)
  9. 5.0 defense + strength (Super Vegito)
So in LF2 a punch generally does 20 damage. Vegeta's punch does 32 damage because he has 1.6x strength, so if he fights another level 4 char it will do 20 damage. If he fights Super Vegito his punch will only do about 6 damage to Super Vegito while Super Vegito's punch will do about 62 damage to Vegeta. So if Vegeta goes to SS2 and punches Super Vegito it will do 10 damage and Super Vegito's punch will do 40 damage to SS2 Vegeta.

AWESOME RIGHT?!?! Maybe. We'll see how well it works out.


  1. lol great! Keep it up! Can't freakin' wait for the game :P.

  2. Also, why not include Krillin in there as well?

    1. That's because he is too big! he is taller than Vegeta haha!
      I would still need to fix the sprites and that would take quite some time.


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