Sunday, May 24, 2015

Gohan (Buu) - Ultimate Gohan

My version

Anime version

Head over HERE to VOTE for which you prefer.
hmm, I'm liking the anime version more, but I will put in the one with majority vote.

The 1st burst of 'wind' is generally what comes during SSS Transformation.
The 2nd burst of 'wind' is generally what comes during a SS2 Transformation + the electricity.
The 3rd burst of 'wind' is generally what comes during a SS3 Transformation.


  1. Usually i preffer to follow the anime's way, but now i have to admit i liked more yours :o

    1. Well looks like the anime version won.
      2 votes for my version
      8 votes for anime

  2. What about adding extra slight defense to aura so when ball, kamehameha, whatever hits it char goes to broken defense so they can quickly escape. Now they catch each other off the guard.. that's kinda lame.

    1. I'm sorry, I don't fully understand what you mean.
      Are you talking about transforming or charging ki?
      Transforming you are vulnerable to attack, charging ki you have a defense.

      And what do you mean they catch each other off the guard?

    2. Oh i didn't notice. I was talking about charging ki. I saw few times someone got punched because he was charging himself. I guess it's old video and that it has been updated since then.


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