Friday, May 22, 2015

SS Gohan (Buu) - Explosive Combination

Melee + Energy based attack

Executed using D^J A (D^J is just the gut punch only, to use the rest you press Attack)
- Can be used at start, beginning of attack has a state 7 defend state.
- Can be used after a AAA (Dance of Pain), just gotta link the punch quick enough to launch
- Can be used when catching the opponent


  1. Woah, it took me a half to understand the kick part but great job xD btw, updates will be even 3 after the last post?

    1. Yeah I got lazy and re-used Goku's flash kick that I got from LF2's Jack character but just reversed it lol.

      I don't get what you mean about updates. Can you please clarify your question?

    2. I mean each 3 days you post anything in the blog( check out the last updates, May 16, May 19 and May 22...). Will you keep posting 3 in 3 days or its coincidence?

    3. Oh right. Yeah that's done on purpose. I will keep doing it if I have anything to post. Currently I haven't worked on any new moves for Gohan so that would be problematic.

      But I can possibly have an update on Goku + Vegeta Potara Fusion~!

    4. Got it. Thanks for answering o/


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