Wednesday, August 27, 2014


EDIT3: Some bug fixes for v0.1.7
-Fixed Running speeds for SS, SS2 and SS3 Goku & SS,SS2 and Majin Vegeta
-Decreased Goku's Spirit bomb damage by 40% and decreased ki consumption by 10%
-Fixed that SS3 Goku can do Kamehameha instantly by DJA J
-Fixed that Vegito's last combo attack doesn't hit
-Removed Vegeta (Buu)'s potara fusion beta move
-Fixed Super Vegito's bdy in his Big Bang Attack frames

Download dbz lf2 v.0.1.7 bug fixes here

If you haven't downloaded the game yet: DBZ LF2 v0.1.7.1 here

Newly discovered bugs will be fixed in next release unless they are major

 EDIT2: Many people have pointed out the various bugs. If you find any, report them to me and in 1-2 days I will release a bug fix for people that have already downloaded the game and also upload a new version with the fixes.

 EDIT: Don't forget to go to the QUESTION POLL PAGE to vote for which Gohan (Buu) character set I should make!

You guys have kept asking when the next version will be out... well it's finally here!

-5 New Characters
                -Vegeta (Namek)                                -Level 2
                -Goku (Buu)                                       -Level 4
                -SS Goku (Buu)                                 -Level 5
                -SS2 Goku (Buu)                               -Level 6
    -SS3 Goku (Buu)                               -Level 7
-New Defense Levels (Updated all defense modifiers by 1.5x)
                -Level 1 = 1.0x attack and 1.5x defense
                -Level 2 = 1.1x attack and 1.65x defense
                -Level 3 = 1.3x attack and 1.95x defense
                -Level 4 = 1.6x attack and 2.4x defense
                -Level 5 = 2.0x attack and 3.0x defense
                -Level 6 = 2.5x attack and 3.75x defense
                -Level 7 = 3.1x attack and 4.65x defense
                -Level 8 = 3.8x attack and 5.7x defense
                -Level 9 = 5.0x attack and 7.5x defense
-Modified EXE art

(minor changes)
-Changed Hunter’s arrow to a level 1 ki blast
-Changed Ice (frozen) effect to blind effect (still in beta as you become temporarily invincible)
-Instant Transmission now teleports you to opposite side of where it usually puts you. (So if you and your opponent are facing each other, instead of continuing to face them, you will teleport behind them)
-Created a shitty recolour of the Cliff background to try and make my own wastelands hah
-Decreased the size of Super Vegito’s Kamehameha ball by 25%
-Added sound effect when you deflect a ki blast
-SS Vegeta (Android), Super Vegeta(Android) and SS2 Vegeta (Buu) use Big Bang Attack a bit faster with new voice clip!
-minor speed increase on Majin Vegeta’s Final Impact and it no longer disappears after a second (unless of course it’s destroyed)
-Fixed all of Vegeta’s bpoints (blood)


  1. amazing great significant wow just wow you released it before schedule thank you!!!!!!!

  2. bashcrazy there is one thing after playing i noticed that vegeta ss2 is faster than goku ss2 and hes speed is even with ss3!!! so did you intend to do it that way or did you miss it?

    1. Whoops! You're right! But that's because SS2 Goku's speed doesn't increase, it's the same as SS Goku's. So SS Vegeta and SS2 Goku have same speed. And that's why SS3 Goku and SS2 Vegeta have same speed.

      I completely missed that! Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. and i think i found a way to make maintaining ss3 harder make charging ki harder because every time a character power up their ki charging becomes easier but if you make it harder like android vegeta hard everyone will try win the battle in ss2 to make charging ki easier and to do more special moves its just a suggestion.

    1. Hmm, yeah I guess that would work out.

      Currently I have a system where each time you charge you recover your levelx2 ki.
      So a Level 1 char gains 2 ki per charge. A level 4 (like base Goku and base Vegeta) gain 8 ki per charge and Level 7 like SS3 Goku gains 14 ki per charge. (except Super Vegito who charges 20)

      But I guess another ki charging system can be implemented.

  4. Bashcrazy epic work :) thanks for goku :)

  5. Ficou muito , muito , muito bom bem fiel ao anime.
    Eu tbm tento fazer personagens novos como esse:
    O que achou?

    1. Thanks

      I don't understand the question.

    2. Eu fiz essas sprites de todas as formas do Freeza
      Ai esta o link da imagem:

    3. Oh those are actually pretty good sprites! Nice job.

    4. Muito obrigado , vindo de você é um grande elogio.

  6. Great Work

    But still there is a bug

    1. Normal Goku hands at the main character selection screen are not looking good as compare to vegeta & vegito. (Just for hint you can find the hands vector at or any alternative site related to it)

    2. Their's a bug of vegeta buu ( normal one ). By pressing D + v + A. ( I think maybe it was for fusion technique well thats ok not a big problem ).

    3. SS Vegito Explosion ball size is decreaed to much. It should decreased at least 15% as compare to previous one.

    4. Not important but can you solve the problem of Full Screen of lf2 emulator. I know its limited window size supported but still can u solve the problem it'll be very helpful

    1. Thanks.

      1. I got from BT3 ->

      2. Oops, forgot to get rid of that! Thanks for reminding me. Will be fixed.

      3. Don't you mean at most 15% ? The ball was way too large to begin with in the first place. I originally dropped it to 50% which is the size it should have been when you see how small it is in the anime. But then I decided 25% will do.

      4. I don't know much about that stuff. So no I can't fix it, sorry.

  7. hey bash ive got a suggestion for balancing i noticed while fighting my brother that we back flip on the ground and on the air alot which ruins combos my brother and i are very competitive and we just keep doing it leaves the battle very boring
    but if you make that back flip consume ki everyone will think twice before doing and if someone over do it he will lose his energy and tire himself this in my opinion is very important in 1v1 fights so please do it. .
    and if you didnt find a way to do a potara fusion i suggest that a move will make them run in direction so they need to do it at the same time while facing the opposite direction of each other they will cross each other after that goku will throw the earrings to vegeta catches it and they get pulled to each other and fuse.

    1. hmm yes that's a good idea. I don't know if I can make it so if you constantly do it you will get tired, but I think I can make it consume ki.

      As for the potara fusion I already have an idea, its just I can't code it.

      The idea is if you use the move, you put on the earring. For 1-2 seconds you are wearing it. If the other character puts it on during those 1-2 seconds you are wearing it. Your earrings glow and flash and then you are pulled into one another. I am just having trouble coding it. I finished Vegteta's sprites a while ago for it. Still need to do Goku's.

    2. its nice to see that your very open minded to new ideas and if you will make it consume ki let it consume like 20-30% and i dont know if you already know this stuff so i will just post hope this help:
      and if your still interested in making goku transform to normal after he dies:

    3. I'll see if I can do it and which % of ki would be best to use. Might make it different per character.

      I've seen the after death move actually. I tried it, but it didn't work so good. I forget what the problem was, I think after he died and the ball caught the character he flopped around and moved too much on the y axis or something.

      As for the fusions, I saw those pages too but I haven't gotten that far because of the pre-fusion coding itself. When both of the earrings glow and cause them to move towards each other. Once that happens I can use one of those fusion methods possibly.

      But thanks for the help!

    4. I just tried making it cost ki, I can't do it without ruining the gravity of the move. It's hardcoded into it. I can however make it "use" ki still. It's just even if you don't have enough ki to use it, you can still use it but you will go into negative ki. (and when you have negative ki, you can't do dash attacks or run attacks - also hardcoded in)

    5. it uses ki and tire the character[not being able to do dash attacks] its exactly what we are looking for perfect!!!

  8. One more thing

    How to use Goku Spirit bomb ??

    1. It's in the readme:

      7. Spirit Bomb
      Super Punch + J, D ^ J

    2. Como usa esse Super Punch?

    3. When you attack an enemy 3 times they get "stunned" for a bit holding their tummy in pain. This is called the dance of pain. When they are in this position, the next time you press attack, you do a super punch. That's the attack that sends them flying.

  9. great mod im big fan of dbz and i playing san andreas too i have some dbz mods check my channel and see :)

  10. The Ai mana increase very quickly. Is it possible that we can increase mana to ??

    1. Because they are computers they can power up super fast because they can press Attack much faster than a human.

      To charge ki you do DJA A A A A...

  11. Agora eu fiz uma sprite do Cell forma perfeita:
    Oq achou?

    1. It's good but it has the same problems as your Frieza sprites. You are keeping them the same height. Frieza's second form and third form are giant and Perfect Cell is fairly tall too. Make him a bit bigger. His head looks way too big for his body. Either that or make his head smaller.

    2. Eu também acho isso mas não consigo aumentar o tamanho do personagem por causa da area limit que é aquele quadrado.
      Teria como eu aumentar o tamanho do quadrado para cada sprite?

    3. You can increase the size of the grid. Just make a new one yourself. You obviously know how to make more space on paint. You changed the size and have 3 sprites so yeah. Just change the grid.

      Also are you just making single sprites or full characters?

    4. Por enquanto apenas sprites individuais pois eu não sei modificar arquivo .dat então eu só poderia alterar a aparencia de um personagem já existente.

    5. Eu ainda não consegui aumentar o tamanho da area limite.

    6. Just open a new paint window and Make your own grid. And if you can't make one... sorry to say, but there is something wrong with you.

    7. Agora eu entendi
      Eu não tinha entendido porque o google tradutor tinha traduzido para uma coisa nada a ver ai eu não entendi nada
      Mas agora entendi e vou fazer isso

    8. Mas oque eu não estava conseguindo fazer é botar sprites de um personagem grande em um personagem que deveria ser pequeno pois a leitura só pega um pedaço da sprite
      Por exemplo pegar sprites do broly e botar no vegeta, só apareceria a cabeça do broly

    9. Google translate did a terrible job so I don't understand what you wrote.

    10. Eu consigo fazer sprites maiores mas quando coloco em algum personagem o arquivo dat parece pegar só um pedaço da sprite pois esta configurado para sprites de personagens pequenos
      Como eu faço para um personagem que deveria ser pequeno ter as sprites grandes como as do julian por exemplo

    11. Your best bet is to go to little fighter empire and learn data changing from tutorials.

      This is the key thing. Most LF2 character grids are 79x79

      ex. file(0-69): sprite\sys\justin_0.bmp w: 79 h: 79 row: 10 col: 7

      Julian is taller than most characters and has similar width so this is how his looks

      file(0-49): sprite\sys\julian_0.bmp w: 79 h: 99 row: 10 col: 5

      I'm sure you've played with Broly before. He is HUGE!

      file(0-69): Broly\Broly_0.bmp w: 159 h: 159 row: 10 col: 7

    12. Muito obrigado por me explicar detalhadamente entendi tudo.

    13. Mas onde fica isso e se fica no arquivo dat como eu faço para modifica-lo?

    14. If you are really interested in making a character you should either get a data changer to work on your character for you or learn data changing. There are plenty of tutorials at Little Fighter Empire.

      You can open and edit data files with a data changer - lf2 specific programs/applications.

  12. wow your good!
    tell me when Trunks / Gohan comes out?

    1. Thank you!
      Hmm, Ultimate Gohan is currently in the works. I don't know when he will be released. He might be released together with Gohan, SS Gohan and SS2 Gohan (Buu sagas) though which would mean he won't come out for a looong time because university is starting in 6 days.


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