Thursday, August 21, 2014

SS3 Goku - Kiai Blast Combo

This is a short to mid ranged attack. In the gif you essentially see the limits to its range; the 3 first blasts were almost done at it's max range while the last blast can travel a bit of distance further than the others. They are a bit weaker than his standard punches and super punch (about 20% weaker).
Based off this move


  1. great work !!!! im really excited to play!!!! why dont you update the progress page to
    show us how the game is going.

    1. wow you have done a lot already!!! there is another thing this move is new and you didn't put it in the potential moveset does that mean your adding some other moves with them or will you not do all of them and sorry for my english its not my native language.

    2. Well that was just a potential list, new moves can be added and some can be removed.

      I might get rid of True Kamehameha, it's basically just a stronger and takes longer to charge version of Super Kamehameha.

      I have added 2 melee attacks to SS Goku as well because people on the LFE forums said that he had very few moves compared to the other version. And these moves are pretty fun to use. It's just a reskin of Jack's D^A kick and I reversed it as well to kick downwards.

      Meteor Crash on SS2 is probably going to not be made either.

      And for SS3 I may or may not make Meteor Impact. Time will tell and my laziness meter. Maybe some of the moves won't be made for the next release but I can always make them later.


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