Saturday, August 9, 2014

Vegeta (Namek) - Genocide Breaker

Based on this MOVE


  1. Please edit the 2nd hit, so that he's not punching below the opponent actually. Other than that, looking good :)

    Are you going to update Vegeta's horizontal Final Flash by the way? That one looks extremely lame compared to the uberfinalflashofawesomeness that Super Vegeta (android) has :P

    1. shiiii~ yeah I noticed that after uploading and watching in 0.25x speed lol
      It'll be fixed for when it's released.

      And I may update it in the future to make it a beam rather than a single shot. But no final flash will be as epic as the ultimate one used by Super Vegeta

    2. Good enough for me ^_^ In the series, no single Final Flash could stand up to that one either :)

  2. when do you think the new beta will be released


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