Monday, August 11, 2014

Vegeta (Namek) - Moveset

There are more combos than shown, Some of them are pretty obvious to use, just omit some of the combinations used in the super awesome ultimate combo!


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    1. He is essentially finished as you see in the video! :)

  2. Hello,

    There are some bugs and things that I think its incomplete. And the following are :

    1. Majin Vegeta Final Burst Cannon is not strong enough as compared to Goku SS2 kamehameha.
    2. Majin Vegeta and SS2 Vegeta Big bang attack doesn't effect his opponent if his opponent attack his ball.
    3. SS1 & SS2 Vegeta have not much attacks as compare to Goku.
    4. If possible then add rowing power attack of vegeta. ( It may be excited to face goku ).

    And about goku:

    1. Spirit bomb is the main attack of goku and you have added only to his normal form ( I think you should add to some other forms too. Not recommended ).

    2. Sometime while playing goku I don't remember the name of the power he use at SS2 goku D v A. I notice some times it does not work properly. It happen me first and last time although I don't think it's recommended too.

    3. When goku faces krillin or vegeta ( Namek ) his kamehameha rowing attack are equal to there's rowing attack. It may have more damage but not much strong ( Example vegito kamehameha stronger to SS3 Goku )


    1. Vegito kamehameha speed is equal too SS3 goku kamehameha speed. ( Note that vegito should have more speed ).

    1. 1. Majin Vegeta's Final Burst Cannon is the same strength as SS2 Goku's Kamehameha, it's just his Kamehameha has a head and a beam while Majin Vegeta's FBC only has the head.
      2. That's part of the LF2 engine.
      3. Yeah, I was thinking of adding more attacks, but in the future, not now.
      4. I don't understand what you mean by that.

      1. Goku can only use his spirit bomb in his base form. When he transforms into a Super Saiyan, he can no longer create it because you must have a pure heart, turning into a SS changes him and makes him a bit more aggressive and angry or something like that. I think.

      2. If you use it in the air, because it is slow to use, it might not fully work before you touch the ground.

      3. What do you mean rowing attack?

      1. Hmm, yes, in the future lots of changes will be made to character damage, defense and speed. I will probably adjust that as well.

      Thanks for the input and messages.


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